Roundup Exposure

RoundUp® Exposure Cancer Lawsuit

Consumers use RoundUp® weed killer at least once to beautify their gardens and crops. Why?  The product RoundUp® is a very effective weed killer. Its popularity stems from its ability to only kill weeds leaving only the intended product to grow. Farmers whose crops were being overrun by weeds took interest in it. However, the ingredients that make up RoundUp® makes it very dangerous for people.

RoundUp® contains glyphosate, which according to the National Pesticide Information Center, is an herbicide which is used to kill broadleaf plants and grasses. 


RoundUp® contains glyphosate and other chemicals that are not listed called inerts. Consumers were told that RoundUp® does not target human or animal enzymes. Recent studies have shown that RoundUp® has been linked to certain cancers. People who have handled RoundUp® were shown to have a higher number of persons diagnosed with certain cancers than others who did not handle RoundUp®.


Due to the possible linkage to cancer and the classification of glyphosate as a probable human carcinogen by the International Agency for Research on Cancer, Monsanto has been sued by federal courts for its misleading labels of its potentially harmful ingredients linking to cancer. In the federal courts, victims of RoundUp® are being awarded.




Tran Law Group is currently accepting cases of victims who have been harmed by Roundup weed killer. Let our Roundup® Exposure Cancer Lawsuit Attorneys handle your case! If you or a loved one was exposed to Roundup and have one of the following cancers, please contact our office today at 713-789-5200. 

    • Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma
    • B-Cell Lymphoma
    • Follicular Lymphoma
    • CLL-Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia
    • T-Cell Lymphoma
    • Mantle Cell Lymphoma